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We are a family of four that lives in small town in eastern Iowa. Spending quality time with our family is very important to us.  What better way to do that than to sit down as a family and play quality board games?  It keeps the entire family engaged and forces some deep thinking for the kids.

These board game reviews will be done with the perspective of encouraging and nurturing that precious family time.


Game Overview: A cooperative micro card game coming to Kickstarter on January 14th, where players work together as they help maximize human survival rates on four newly discovered planets.  As you attempt to accomplish this, players must prevent or minimize clone attacks that will reduce the number of human survivors based on cards that are played to the planets.  Each clone card played will have a letter (A, MM, O, or B) that is initially unknown to the players.  If the word Mob, Ammo, or Bomb is spelled out at the end of the game for any planet, then some or all citizens will be lost affecting the survival goal.  <Full Review>

Top 20 Games-2016

As 2016 concludes and we move onto 2017, each of us have created our own top 20 games that we enjoy.  There is a lot of variety between each one. 

Smart Ass

Game Overview: A trivia game where you compete against your family and friends answering questions in categories of Who Am I, What Am I, Where Am I, and the Hard Ass question.  Be the first to make it around the board by correctly answering the questions to determine who is the smart ass among your family and friends.  <Full Review>


Game Overview: A card battling game that is affected by card location when played, character attack powers, and a single die roll.  The deluxe version of Squirmish comes with 108 unique character cards.  Plenty of humor is mixed in throughout the cards including their names, their battle cries, their attack powers, and the art associated with them.  Be the first to knock out three opponent cards in the Squirmish battle to be declared the winner.  <Full Review>

Eriath-The Worst Ship in the galaxy

Game Overview: An unforgiving tongue-in-cheek cooperative game where the players are onboard the Eriath, the worst ship in the galaxy.  You and your inexperienced crew are attempting to deliver cargo that is being carried on the derelict ship.  Each crew member has their own abilities and a random strength and weakness card is added to them each game.   Standing in your way will be fires throughout the ship, hull breaches, power outages, hazmat leaks, and both pirates and aliens that board your ship.  <Full Review>

Schrodinger's Cats

Game Overview: Based on the 1935 experiment by physicist Erwin Schrodinger, is a card game of uncertainty.  You will try to determine the number of alive cats, dead cats, or empty boxes by trying to prove your own scientific hypothesis or attempting to debunk the hypothesis of other players through the use of blind bidding. <Full Review>


Game Overview: A semi-cooperative game where the team of players attempt to navigate through a swamp.  Players will help control the path of the boat as they gather different natural treasures that will help both the team and their own secret agenda.  While you navigate the swamp you must always be aware of the man eating crocodile that continuously follows you throughout the swamp trying to prevent anyone from winning or leaving the swamp.  <Full Review>


Game Overview: Spectaculum is an economic game where traveling circuses move across the kingdom trying to gain the favor of the royal court, you are able to invest into any of the four traveling shows.  Some shows will get jeers and some will get the cheers.  Each player helps or hinders the paths the shows will take throughout the kingdom and must decide when to invest and when to sell to maximize your earnings.  <Full Review>

Knowledge: A Fantasy-Battle Deck building Game

Game Overview: Being released to Kickstarter on October 31st, Knowledge: A Fantasy-Battle Deck Building Game is set in a world that brings to life many fantasy characters including but not limited to Dragons, Dwarves, Elves, Giants, Ogres, Goblins, and Wizards.  During the game, you can choose to battle other players as you try to reduce their hand by using dice and card attributes.  Beware though as they can block your attack or gain an advantage if they defeat you.  You are also trying to obtain mana which allows you to summon cards into your deck ultimately allowing you to gain knowledge cards.  The player that has the most knowledge at the end, raises their hand in triumph.  <Full Review>

Paper Back

Game Overview: A deck building game where you compete with the other players to spell out words using the letters and wild cards currently in your hand along with  using a common letter that all players have access to.  Use the points earned by spelling a word to add additional cards (letters) to your deck.  The cards you purchase will ultimately allow you to add cards which include Fame points.  At the end of the game, the player with the most Fame points wins.  <Full Review>


Game Overview:  Available in November 2016, you battle to be the first monkey to climb to the top of the tree in this push your luck family friendly card game.  You will compete with the other players by knocking their monkey further down the tree by setting and dodging traps played directly on each monkey or onto the tree itself.  Each turn will introduce a spell card that may either help you or cause havoc in the game.  Be the first monkey to make it to the top of the tree and you will face one final battle against Kurgill the Wizard.  Beat him and be declared the winner.  <Full Review>

Thunder Alley

Game Overview:  Take control of a team of race cars in Thunder Alley as you immerse yourself in the world of auto racing.  A hand of cards will determine what actions you can take. You need to strategically play the cards to limit the damage done to each car on your team and also get as many of your race cars to the front of the racing pack as you can before the checkered flag drops.  This is done by positioning your car on the track, so it can be pushed in a line of cars or doing the pushing itself to break away from the other cars.  The first car across the finish line does not determine the winner, instead the win goes to the team who scores the most points across all of their cars.   <Full Review>