Rerolls-Games Reviewed January 2016

Each month, we will look back at the games we reviewed one year ago to see if we have continued to get the game to the table and if the original rating should be adjusted up or down.

Munchkin-NightMare before Christmas

Original Review Date: 01/30/2016
Original Rating:  8.5/10

This was the first game we reviewed and potentially had a higher rating than it should.  It doesn't hit our table as often as we would like but we still have a great time when we do pull it out.  We have played some of the other Munchkin games and while they have the same overall rules, the theme of this version and the art keeps it very close to where we originally ranked it.  Reroll=8.6/10 (+.1)

Survive-Escape from Atlantis

Original Review Date: 01/31/2016
Original Rating:  7.5/10

We have a mixture with this one.  Mom kept her original rating of 7.0.  Dad went down from 7.5 to 7.0.  Mainly because this game can get so mean at times and I have found out that I don't enjoy this type of game as much as others.  Both Coby and Cade slightly raised their ratings, to offset Dad's reroll.  One note, since the original review we have added the dolphin expansion to the game which was a good change to the game.  Reroll=7.6/10 (+.1)