Re-rolls-Games Reviewed February 2016

Each month, we will look back at the games we reviewed one year ago to see if we have continued to get the game to the table and if the original rating should be adjusted up or down.

Axis and allies-1942 2nd edition

Original Review Date: 02/01/2016
Original Rating:  8.5/10

Because of the time commitment this came doesn't hit the table too often.  If it does, it stays up on the table for multiple days as we try to get through the game.  This along with the luck of the die rolls brings it down a little from the original review.  Cade has used it more than anyone setting it up and playing it himself, which is kind of cool.    Reroll=7.9/10 (-.6)

Minecraft-Card Game

Original Review Date: 02/02/2016
Original Rating:  5.6/10

Perhaps a game that didn't get as much appreciation as it should have the first time around.  Is it outstanding?  No.  But it is a decent set collection game that is a quick game when it hits the table.  Reroll=6.4/10 (+1.8)

Super star Baseball

Original Review Date: 02/03/2016
Original Rating:  8.8/10

This continues to get the same rating as we continue playing out our season.  Although we don't play it as often because all of the other options that we have.  It is a good solo game for Dad to play before anyone else gets up in the morning on the weekends.  Reroll=8.8/10 (+0)

Exploding kittens

Original Review Date: 02/05/2016
Original Rating:  8.9/10

This continues to be a family favorite.  We now have the expansion, Imploding Kittens.  This added new mechanics along with a fun "cone of shame".  It went down slightly overall, but still remains a highly ranked game and provides lots of fun for the family when it comes out. Reroll=8.7/10 (-.2)

Keepers dissension

Original Review Date: 02/12/2016
Original Rating:  9.0/10

A failed Kickstarter campaign hasn't given many people insight into this game.  It has gone down slightly mainly because we only have two factions.  Now that we have immersed ourselves in the gaming world, it seems that there are a lot of similarities between this and Summoner's War.  This is still a very good and solid game with a lot of replay ability with different ability cards coming out each time.  Reroll=8.5/10 (-.5)

Covert Ops Berlin

Original Review Date: 02/14/2016
Original Rating:  7.5/10

This game has not hit our table since the review, so it got a -1.0 across the board for all of our reviews.  Just not sure we will see this one anytime soon. Reroll=6.5/10 (-1.0)

Mr. Maskimov's manor

Original Review Date: 02/16/2016
Original Rating:  8.5/10

Still a very solid game and very enjoyable when we play at the four player level.  The set collection and bidding process is really fun.  Another one where the entire family has a fun time when it comes out.  Too bad it hasn't become more well known.  Reroll=8.3/10 (-.2)

Fire Ants!

Original Review Date: 02/20/2016
Original Rating:  7.8/10

Still finds the way to the table occasionally.  And yes, the game still beats up on you from time to time where everyone loses.  That is what makes this game stand out from others as there is no guaranteed winner. Reroll=7.6/10 (-.2)

Dread Curse

Original Review Date: 02/29/2016
Original Rating:  8.0/10

Both Cade and Dad went down slightly on Dread Curse.  Dad had the biggest drop.  While Coby and Mom maintained their original rating.  The main reason for the drop for Dad was how mean the game can get at times.  However, that is expected from Smirk and Dagger games.  Overall, still a very solid game with good mechanics.  I have seen it on sale recently and is well worth it, especially if you can get more players as it supports up to 8. Reroll=7.8/10 (-.2)