Game Overview: Nevermore is a card drafting game, where you attempt to gain victory points, inflict damage on other players, and repair your own health. All the while you are looking to gather both Light Magic and Shadow Magic to send the other players down the dark path of becoming a raven. Don't worry, if you become a raven you are able to inflict damage on the others by pecking at them while trying to return to your human form again to sneak out the win. “Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore.”

Box Contents: The box insert is perfect for the game.  There are spots for the cards, the playing tiles, and a baggie to hold the wooden victory points and the health cubes.  The cards and the art work are amazing.  The highest quality was used when making the cards.

Clarity of Rules: The rules are included in an eight page color manual.  The rules are well written and thorough.  It did take a play through of the game to fully comprehend the rules of the game.

Game Play:  The object of the game is to become the first player to reach the victory point goal, without losing all of your health cubes and becoming a raven.  Players are dealt five cards which may include a variety of card suits.  The suits consist of Attack, Healing, Radiance, Victory, and Ravens.  You attempt to have the most cards of any given suit to gain the advantage of that suit. Initially you pass three of your cards to the player next to you, then you pass two, before passing one final card.  You then move into the resolution phase. The playing tiles will determine the order of the suits that are to be played.  The first suit that is always called is a Conspiracy of Ravens.  If someone was able to gather all five ravens, all other players are dealt 1 damage and the player ears one victory point.  That round ends immediately.  If no one has the Conspiracy of Ravens, the next suit is called for.  The player with the most attack cards is allowed to inflict damage upon another player.  The amount is determined by the number of attack cards played by all players.  The healing cards allow the player with the most cards to heal themselves.  The radiance cards allow the player with the most cards to obtain Light Magic cards.  These cards potentially can change the outcome of the game.  The victory cards allow the player with the most cards to gain those valuable victory points.  If you were stuck with a raven, you are forced to play that with your suits which will cancel out a card and can change the outcome of that particular suit.  At the end of the various suits, the Skulking Ravens are played.  These consist of the remaining Ravens which allow the player to earn the powerful Shadow Magic cards.  The interesting twist to Nevermore, when your health blocks have been removed you are still in the game.  However, you now become a raven.  You continue to play as you did before, however if you win a suit then you are allowed to peck the other players removing a health point.  There are certain card combinations and light magic cards that will allow the player to return from a raven and back into human form allowing them to play for the win.

Replay Ability:  With the randomness of the cards, the card drafting, and the randomness of the order of the suit tiles after the first round, the replay ability is always there. 

Appropriate Audience: The game is suggested at 14+.  Our eleven year old caught right onto the rules and play of the game.  In most cases, players as young as ten years old should be able to pick up the rules of the game.

What We Liked/Didn't Like:  The theme is really great here with the aspect of the raven.  Where as some games have players going out of the game when they lose, here you continue to play by going after the other players and also trying to return to human form.  There is just enough gotcha in the game to keep everyone on their toes.

Add-ons/Other Releases:  n/a

          *A review copy was provided to us.