Minecraft card game?

Game Overview:  The Minecraft Card Game is based off of the popular video game Minecraft. In the card game it is much like the electronic version, you collect resources and craft tools or weapons that can help you later on in the game. Each tool has a certain point value, and a useful power on the back that you can only get after you craft the item. The more valuable the tool the more points you get.  Depending on the number of players, a point goal is determined. The player that reaches the established point goal first wins.

Box Contents: The box layout is very simple, but also effective. There are two compartments for cards, and one slot for the card holders. The compartments for the cards keep them from sliding around in the box because the cards fit perfectly. The card holders also do not move around. Both items are easy to get in and out, and easy to store.

Clarity of Rules: The rules of this game are kept in a tri-fold glossy pamphlet. Once you get them down they are fairly easy to remember. They explain themselves well enough for you to read once and get an idea of what you are doing.

Game Play:  To start out this card game you separate the tool cards from the block cards.  Put them into their selected piles. Determine who goes first, and start. To start your turn, you  do two actions. These actions include: Mining- collect one of the cards face up on the table, Crafting- make an item to help you later in the game, or Reserve- if you see a card you want but don't want anyone else to have, or think it will be gone before your next turn you can take it and put it in reserve. If you happen to craft a pick axe, you can play it to get 3 actions instead of two. After your turn, its mostly watching and waiting, unless you have a shovel. This makes it so one of your competitors only does one move. If you really want to hurt someone, two people can use shovels and make it so they can't do any actions. There are also other cards in the deck such as: TNT- You take all four of the other cards face up and choose two of them to keep. This can be very useful, as it gets rid of the unwanted cards, you get two cards instead of one, and if you know what someone is working for, you can get rid of (or keep) their resource. There is also an item called the hoe, it just flat out gets rid of the face up cards and discards them so nobody can use them. There are also wild cards which you can use for any resource. The resource cards vary from a value of 1-3 resources per card. If you happen to craft an axe, you can use its power as a two wood resource card. And then there is the Creeper card. If a Creeper happens to show up, all players must discard a resource card. This does not apply if you have none. You can "kill" a Creeper if you craft a sword. If you do you don't discard a resource card. For every crafted item there is a point value. The poins range from 1-6. Be the first person to get to the alloted point goal to be the winner!

Replay Ability: This game has alot of replay ability. Since the cards are shuffled every time it always has a different outcome.  For long term, as long as your kids remain interested in Minecraft it will be in your game rotation.

Appropriate Audience: If you are old enough to count, you are old enough to play this game. Also you need not know anything about Minecraft to play this. Mom knows nothing about Minecraft but she picked it up quite easily.

What We Liked/Didn't Like: The game is fun because there is some strategy involved in it, although it is somewhat short. Also if you despise Minecraft this might not be the game for you.

Add-ons/Other Releases:  none

Game Review by Coby