Game Overview: JurassAttack! is a two player card game, where players will choose dinosaurs or packs of dinosaurs as they battle it out against the other player. The player with the highest ferocity level of the cards played wins and the opponent's cards go into your score pile.  Strategy comes into play when attempting to use the unique effects that each card has and knowing which cards your opponent may have left.  Do you have enough to be declared the King of the Dinosaurs?

Box Contents: A very small box, which is just big enough to hold the oversized cards (2 3/4 inch by 4 3/4 inch) and the fold up instruction sheet.

Clarity of Rules:  The instruction manual is a single page document, with the instructions on the front and back.  They are very clear and provide a few frequently asked questions.

Game Play:  At the start of the game, each player selects one deck of cards.  One chooses the fossil deck and the other chooses the footprint deck.  The decks are identical except for the backs.  They consist of nine different types of dinosaurs : Compsognathus (5), Dilophosaurus (3), Eggs (5), Pteranodon (4), Sarcosuchus (4), Spinosaurus (1), Tyrannosaurus Rex-Male (1), Tyrannosaurus Rex-Female (1), and Velociraptor (3).  After shuffling the cards, each player draws five cards from their deck.  Players will then determine which cards to play against their opponent.  Each dinosaur has a ferocity level which is totaled up to determine the winner of the match.  Multiple cards of the same dinosaur can be played at the same time as a pack.  When this occurs, you combine the entire packs ferocity level.  Pteranodon, have the ability to pack with any other dinosaur except the T-Rex and Spinosaurus, allowing you to increase your ferocity level.  If your hand wins, you discard your cards and your opponents cards go into your score pile.  The lone exception are dinosaur eggs.  If you win with them in your hand, they go into your scoring pile giving you one victory point.  Some of the dinosaurs have special abilities.  The Compsognathus ferocity level is equal to the number of Compsognathus cards played at the same time.  If you play the Dilophosaurus, whether you win or lose, your rival is blinded and gets to then play only one card that you choose from their hand.  The Sarcosuchus initially has a ferocity level of two but gains an additional ferocity for each egg card your opponent has in their hand.  If a tie occurs, all cards in play are discarded and they must use the remaining cards from their hand.  Once the round is over, the player that lost is able to draw back up to five cards.  The game ends when a player has no more cards left in their deck or hand.  At that point, both players add up their victory points in their score pile.

Replay Ability:   Even though the decks are identical, you have some replay ability with the decks getting changed each play with a shuffle.  If you are looking to expand this beyond the two player game, there are rules online explaining how to play four players with the same two decks in a tag team match.

Appropriate Audience: The recommended age of 8+ is appropriate.  Even though the theme of the game is dinosaurs attacking each other, the cards themselves do not include any graphics representing this. 

What We Liked/Didn't Like: The game is a quick and fun that the entire family has enjoyed and allows us to get multiple plays in when we are looking for a two player game.  The oversized cards and the art on them is also something that we enjoyed.  One mechanic of the game that takes some getting used to is discarding your cards when you win and placing your opponents cards into your score pile.  More than once, we have forgotten to pull out the opponents cards from the score pile and have started shuffling them into our own deck.  One thing we did not like is that at times the game can finish too quickly.  Multiple times it has finished with the first hand. 

Add-ons/Other Releases:  At the time of this review, you can purchase promo packs from Board Game Geek for $5.00 + shipping that were unlocked objectives from the Kickstarter campaign.  They add eight additional cards to the game (Herbivores, Rotten Eggs, and Meteors).  These can be found here:  JurassAttack!

          **A review copy was provided to us.