The Goonies: Adventure Card Game 

Game Overview: Immerse yourself into the classic 1985 movie Goonies, where you will be on a quest to find One Eyed Willy’s treasure in this cooperative card adventure game.  As you get closer to the treasure, you must watch out for One Eyed Willy’s booby traps and stay one step ahead of the Fratelli family who is also out to get the treasure for themselves.

Box Contents: Included in the box is an oversized plastic storage compartment.  Although it takes up most of the box, it has built spaces for all of the cards, cardboard tiles, and the Goonies meeple.  Because of the storage compartment, no extra storage bags are needed which all gamers appreciate.  It also has a really cool looking skull imprinted into the plastic, which is reminiscent of the pirate skulls seen in the movie.  With that being said, the box could have been smaller for the number of components included.

Overall, the components are very well made.  There are 110 total cards which all are made.  It is very easy to read the icons and pictures that come into play on the cards.

The 15 encounter cards, 7 character cards, and 15 location cards all include actual shots from the movie to add to the flavor of the game.

The cardboard tiles are super thick as well.  The wooden meeple that is included is probably one of the coolest ones that we have seen for a game.  It includes the loveable Sloth along with Chunk and two other kids from the movie.

Clarity of Rules: The sixteen page oversized full color and glossy manual, which includes multiple scenes from the movie, does an outstanding job in providing a thorough explanation of the game play.  It includes multiple examples along with a FAQ.  The back page is nice for the first few plays with a quick reference to assist with the actions available each turn.

Game Play:  When starting the game, each player chooses one of the kids from the movie.  You can choose from Andy, Brand, Mouth, Chunk, Mikey, Data, or Stef.  Each one gives you a one-time ability per game along with an ability that can be used each turn.

The setup involves randomly choosing the five location cards.  There are three for each location to choose from, including one in each location that is suggested for your first few games.  The locations will be familiar to you if you have seen the movie.  You will see The Restaurant, Chester Copperpot, The Well, Skeleton Organ, and the Water Slide.

Above the location cards you shuffle the three exploration tiles for each spot.  Two of the tiles will be booby traps and the other will be the treasure you are looking for at each location.

Two item cards are placed on each location that match the color of that location.

The item cards are used two different ways during the game.  When they are placed on a location, there is a colored strip across the top that will show the obstacle(s) that is needed to be cleared.  When being played, you use the large item picture that is found on the rest of the card.

The step in setting up the game, is placing the path tiles onto the table.  During the game, you will have to map the paths to the treasure and then place the treasure onto the tile.

Depending on the number of players, you will be given a certain number of item cards to start the game.  There is also a specific hand limit which is also based on the same number.

Because this is a cooperative game, everyone will play their cards to the table for everyone to see and each round the players will decide on four actions the group will take.

Actions that are available to you:

  • Move the Goonies:  To clear an obstacle, the Goonies must be at that location.  To move them to a location, you must use an item card where the top color matches the location color.

  • Clear an Obstacle:  If you are able to match the item from one of your cards to the obstacle listed, you can clear the obstacle and get to or closer to the location.  Some of the obstacles require two items to clear it.  If you do not have a specific item, you can turn in two that match of a different item to account for that one single item.  Multiple obstacles can be cleared each round, if you have the available actions.

  • Explore a Location:  If all of the obstacles have been cleared, you can explore the location by turning over the top exploration tile.  Two of them will be booby traps and the other will be a treasure.  If it is a booby trap, you must follow the directions.  Usually it involves adding more obstacles and the forcing you to move the Goonies to a different location. If you do discover treasure, you can place it onto a mapped path, if you have one available.  You then have to flip over the location card, which has a further effect on the game.

  • Map a Path:  To map a path so that a treasure can be played on it, you must turn in three like items from your cards to flip over the tile.  During game setup, you will add a single item card to one of the locations based upon its color and whichever item is shown, you are able to flip the map path for that item.

  •  Remove a Fretelli:  You will lose if five Fratelli cards are in play.  You can also turn in three like items from your cards to remove a single Fratelli card.

After you have discarded any cards you used or removed from the game, you get to draw new items from the deck.  The number is based upon the number of players.

Next, you do the escalation process.  You place the top item card into the location of the matching color which adds an obstacle to that location.  There are two symbols you will want to watch for.  If a skull and crossed swords (Jolly Rodger symbol) is on the card, you must turn over the top Fratelli card.  Some will be helpful and others will make it more difficult to win.  If you see two upward point arrow symbols, you must place another obstacle card, which sometimes can chain even more cards being played.

You will win the game if you have discovered all five treasures at each location and you have also mapped the path for each of the treasures to go to.

You will lose the game if a fifth obstacle is added to any location, a fifth Fratelli card is in play, or if all of the cards that exist in encounter deck have been drawn.

Replay Ability: Being able to play this game solo is a huge plus for us in providing some additional replay ability.  Within the game itself, you have multiple choices to mix things up.  All seven of the kids from the game are available to play with and each have different abilities, so you are able to change up the ones that are used from game to game.  In addition, you can randomly select the location cards so that you don’t know which ones will show up.

If you are brave enough, you can set the game at max difficulty by adding in the challenge cards.  We haven’t done this yet as the game is challenging enough for us without them.

Appropriate Audience: The game suggests 14+ but you should be able to go down to someone as young as 6 or 7 years old.  Some reading is required for the younger kids, but with it being a cooperative game the adults can help out there.

If kids are playing with you, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ensure they are familiar with the movie itself so they have an understanding of what is happening and why within the game.

What We Liked/Didn't Like: The use of the Goonies theme and actual pictures from the movie being used throughout the game was a major plus for the game.  And while you are following along with some of the same things that occurred in the movie it doesn’t always feel like you are truly reliving the adventure that the kids took.  However, it is a close enough representation to satisfy any Goonies fan.

This is truly a game that is based on the luck of the cards being drawn.  If this is something that you don’t like you may want to avoid this game.  We have seen the game end after the first turn a few times because you keep adding obstacles to the same location, which can get frustrating and then you have to restart the game.

While the game encourages everyone to work together as a cooperative game, there aren’t a lot of difficult decisions to make.  For the most part, it seems pretty obvious what needs to be done.  The biggest question is whose cards do you want to use and which character abilities do you want to use and when.

Even with that being said, we do enjoy the game play as it isn’t an overly complicated cooperative game but is very challenging to get to a win.  At the time of the review, we are only successful in winning 20% of the time.

          **A review copy was provided to us.