Exploding Kittens

Game Overview: The object of the game is for all of your opponents to explode. Not just a regular explosion but exploding kittens! This game is hilarious fun! Featuring  hairy potato cats, bat farts descending from the sky, and the nopebell peace prize. With different kinds of cards to destroy, help, and do many more things to your opponent. If you draw an exploding kitten and have a defuse card then you are safe via kitten therapy, catnip sandwiches and many more. If you do not have a defuse card and you draw an exploding kitten then you are out of the game no matter what you have in your hand you have to watch the rest of the game without being in it. That sounds boring right? If you said yes, that is another reason to try your hardest to not lose. You could either play on grudges or you can play strategically to beat your opponents. 

Box Contents:  A small box that can probably fit in whatever place you store your games. A nice little compartment to store your cards so they don't slide all over the place and get damaged

Clarity of Rules: The rules are well written and easy to understand where you can read through it once and understand the game play.  You should note that there is a diclaimer on the rules stating "Hey! DON'T READ THESE RULES!  Reading is the worst way to learn how to play a game.  Instead go online and watch our instructional video."

Game Play: Your turn consists of playing any card. Then you draw a card. It is that simple. If you draw an exploding kitten card and don't have a defuse card you are out of the game. If you do have a defuse card then you put the exploding kitten back anywhere in the deck. If a player plays a card you don't like then you can play a nope card that means that card just doesn't happen. There are also other cards including, Attack Cards, Skip Cards, Favor Cards, Shuffle Cards, and See the Future Cards.  Attack cards are where you end your turn without drawing and make the next player draw two cards.  This can be very useful at the end of the game. Skip cards, you do not draw at the end of your turn and also very useful at the end of the game. Favor cards allow you to select one of your opponents who must give you one of their cards of their choice. Shuffle cards allow you to shuffle the deck, just in case you almost know for sure that there is a cute but deadly exploding kitten waiting for you at the top of the deck. See the future cards let you pick up the top 3 cards of the deck look at them and put them back in the same order. Even more useful when you have an Attack, a Skip, or a Shuffle card. Other cards include, catermelons, hairy potato cats, beard cats, taco cat (they are a palindrome), and rainbow-ralphing cats. If you get two of the same of these 5 cards you blindly get to take a card from any opponents hand. There are also special combos for advanced play if you want more of a challenge in your game. The last person to not get annihilated by one of those cute, soft, and cuddly kittens wins!   

Replay Ability: Very good replay ability. We have played this game many times and it is still one of our favorites, We once played it 5 times straight just to get a champion.

Appropriate Audience: We agree with the 7+ that the game says. You have to be able to read to play this game.

What We Liked/Didn't: We liked the cards a lot, a lot of humor is used in this game we also like the way that you never quite know who is going to win. What we do not like about this game, it is too easy for someone to steal your defuse card. Another thing we don't like about the game is the cards lose their some of their humor after a while.  But Dad still laughs every time he sees the portable cheetah butt.

Add-ons/Other Releases:  Currently, there is only one additional version of this game.  The other version is for adults only and is titled, Exploding Kittens NSFW (Not Safe for Work) edition.

Review by Cade