Game Overview: Dimension is a puzzle game where you are working with five sets of colored spheres with three spheres of each color given to each player.  A set of six cards are played which will give you directions on how you are to build your tower of spheres.  You earn points by meeting the different objectives, using each sphere color in your final tower and by the number of spheres that were used.  Fail to meet any of the objectives on the card and you lose points.  All of this occurs in this fast paced game as an hourglass timer counts down the time.

Box Contents:  Top notch quality is found here.  From the 60 heavy plastic spheres to the stands that hold the spheres that you build upon.  You also have multiple cardboard tokens which allow you to keep track of your score.  The box insert holds everything nicely and baggies are included, which is a must to keep the spheres in their place.  It also has compartments designed specifically for the hourglass timer and the cards.

Clarity of Rules: The rules are on a large four page color manual that does an excellent job at explaining the rules and provides detailed explanations on each card that may come into play.

Game Play:  To begin play, all players place their spheres on their playing area.  Six cards are then drawn from the deck.  These cards provide the directions on how to play the spheres to meet the rounds objectives.  There are seven types of cards that you will see throughout the game.  1.  Being able to use only a certain number of spheres of a specific color. 2.  Spheres of certain colors must touch somewhere in your tower. 3.  Spheres of certain colors must not touch in your tower.  4.  Spheres of certain colors can not be played above any other spheres .  5.  Spheres of certain colors can not be played below any other spheres.  6. You must have more spheres of one color than another color in your tower.  7.  You must have a combined total of four spheres between two of the colors.  To begin, you simply flip over the hourglass timer, which gives you approximately one minute to complete your tower based on the cards that were played.  Once the timer ends, you add up your points for that round.  Initially, you get a point for every sphere you used.  The top score here is 11, which signifies a full tower.  However, you may not always get this based on the cards that came into play.  You next go through the cards that were played.  If you succeeded, you do not earn any points.  If you failed to meet that objective, you lose two points.  If you met all of the card objectives and you used each sphere color, you earn a bonus token.  The number of bonus tokens you earn will count towards your final score after all rounds are played. The bonuses can vary from -6 to 6 points.  You repeat this for a total of six rounds before the winner is determined.

Replay Ability:  There is plenty of replay ability here until you master this game, which is very possible.  Our oldest son has already gotten to that point where he maximize his points for each round/game.  Once that happens, the intrigue of the game becomes less and less. 

Appropriate Audience: 8+ is appropriate.  However,  you could probably go a little younger since your game play is based on how the spheres are to be played and the fact that there is not any text on the cards.  You just need to ensure they won't get frustrated with not meeting the different criteria that may come up from the cards since you lose points for failing.

What We Liked/Didn't Like: This is a great family game and really makes everyone think and act quickly.  As a parent, it is fun to watch the kids quickly solve these puzzles.  It is a little frustrating when cards come up that contradict themselves.  However, the directions do address this by telling you that the player can decide which one to use and then take the negative points on the other, which is how we play.  The other options provided in the rules manual allow you to draw a new card and to place the contradicting card back into the deck or to remove certain types of cards up front.  This seems to be a flaw of the game and you shouldn't have to remove cards from the game to make it work for all situations.

Add-ons/Other Releases:  n/a

  *A review copy was provided to us.