2016 Top 20 Games-Chad

#20 Squrimish/2016 A character battling game that includes 108 unique (and funny) characters.  We have barely touched the surfaced of this game and really enjoy it.  There is so much more to explore for us with this game. <Review>

#19 Valeria Card Kingdoms/2016  Some of the best art can be found in this game.  Had really enjoyed Machi Koro and this takes the idea of Machi Koro and takes it to a new level.  It is all about getting a very strong engine going.  The theme is also very good where you are recruiting citizens who award you things based on the dice rolls.  Ultimately, you are trying to earn victory points by defeating monsters and obtaining monuments.  One complaint is that at times it seems a little too easy to obtain the resources you need and at a four-player level, you end up running out of them.

#18 Oregon/2007  A game that was purchased at an auction and has been a real winner for us.  The game concept, seems very simple as you play cards that represent two pictures on the board.  Wherever those pictures intersect, you can place settlers or place buildings into a grid location.  However, there is some real strategy involved as other players can use your buildings to earn points for themselves.

#17 Rise To Power/2014  Had my eye on this for a while and when it was on sale, got it.  I can say it isn’t what I expected as I thought it was about a space race based on the box art.  In reality, it is a futuristic city building based where the actions available are based on how far along your city is progressing.  There are multiple expansions included, which we have used most of them.  So far, I have only played it with two players but want to get it to a three and four player level.

#16 Battle Line/2000  A great two player game.  There is nothing pretty about this game as the art is very plain.  However, the game play is outstanding.  You try to play groups of like colors and/or numbers to capture a flag when comparing your cards to what your opponent has played.  Capture five flags or three in a row and you win the game.  Not having control of the cards you get makes this a head scratcher at times figuring out what is the best play for yourself.

#15 Spike/2014  A train game that is about connecting up cities and fulfilling contracts by hauling your assigned goods from one city to another.  This is a game that Cade has really taken to and seems to win almost every time.  There is a lot of strategy involved with figuring out the best way to maximize your points before the game end, which never occurs at the same time. <Review>

#14 Dominion/2008 The grand daddy of all deck building games.  I have just started playing the original release and so far have really enjoyed it.  I am sure it will continue to rise as I keep playing it and add some of the expansions. 

#13 Hot Rod Creeps/2012  A game that doesn’t get the love that I think it deserves.  You have the ability to create and design a different race track each and every time with the different track pieces that snap together like a puzzle piece.  There are multiple unique character decks that have their own abilities during the race.  As you burn off your gas, you have to get rid of cards from your draw pile.  Run out of gas and you have to go backwards on the track to the previous pit stop space.  It has a nice combination of strategy on playing your cards and pushing your luck on drawing the high level octane cards that could deal damage to you or burn off a lot of gas in exchange for a boost down the track.  Lots of fun.

#12 Clank!/2016  I will start with saying that the number of plays for this game is very minimal at this time.  However, I absolutely love this game so far!  A combination of so many things are found here.  Deck building with cards, push your luck, dungeon crawling, and the chance of having your clank drawn from a bag.  I see this game going much higher on my list but for now remains here until I get more games in.

#11 Risk Legacy/2011  We have had our eye on this since we got back into gaming.  My secret Santa from BGG took the step to get this game to us for a Christmas present.  The boys and I have spent some quality time playing this game since we got it.  It was our first legacy game and is fun to explain to people how this works if they are familiar with the original Risk game.  The only complaint is that it is just the boys playing through this and I think it would be better at a four-player level.

#10 Unholy Upheaval/2016  An unsuccessful Kickstarter deck builder game that we got a prototype to review.  I really hope that this game gets produced in the future as it is an excellent game all around.  The art is amazing and the different factions that are available to you, which may help you create amazing combos is well thought out.  Also, being able to play cards in front of other players to affect them each and every turn until they pay to remove them, was unique.  We always enjoy this game every time we pull it out.  <Review>

#9 Drum Roll/2011  A circus based worker placement game that I knew very little about when purchasing it on sale and was blown away with the choices that can be made.  The game can easily be played by two people and flows just as smoothly at a four-player level.  The game does a really good job of immersing you into the theme of the game.  You really have to keep a close watch on all players to see what they are trying to accomplish.

#8 Sentinels of the Multiverse/2011  Variety, variety, and variety.  That is the name of the game here.  There are so many heroes, villains, and locations available to be played.  So many expansions available as well.  I have filled up the original box with some of the expansions but others still need to be obtained.  I really like that you can sit down and play this solo (as multiple hero’s) or get the entire family involved.  Yes, the game can get a little confusing with having to place or remove the different damage points.  However, that is only a minor concern when looking at the game overall.

#7 Camel Up/2014  This is always enjoyable to sit down and play this game with the family.  Is there a lot of strategy, involved?  Not really.  Sometimes it is all about making certain choices first before the other players and hoping it comes out in your favor.  However, everyone is engaged with each player’s turn.  Especially when you choose to move a camel as lots of cheers and jeers come out from all players.

#6 Star Realms/2014  The highest rated game that includes my favorite game mechanic, deck building.  We have also added multiple expansions to our original deck.  Having to change up your strategy as you go is a fun part of the game as it all depends on what cards become available to purchase.  I have a better Win/Loss record at this game, but still lose more often than not as I am just not as good at creating those great killer combos.

#5 Boss Monster/2013  A game that we first played at a gaming convention this year and actually won the game.  Since then, we have purchased many of the add-on’s and expansions.  So much variety is included when combining all of these cards that each game is unique and a different strategy has to be taken.  The art is fun to look at as well as there are so many references to old video games.  I have to admit, Coby usually beats up on me quite easily.  However, it doesn’t take away how good this game is.

#4 Castles of Mad King Ludwig/2014  Coby and I played this at a convention and immediately fell in love with it.  Being able to build up a castle in your own way and then having an impact on the other players is such a fun take on the game.  The strategy involved with the game can be a head scratcher at times.  You want certain rooms that you can purchase when setting the prices but you have to keep in mind what everyone else is doing.  This is another one that I rarely win at, but so enjoy playing it.

#3 Splendor/2014  An easy game to teach and play but has great replay ability making each game different with different cards coming out each time.  At first, I could not win in this game.  That has started to turn but it really isn’t based on a single strategy that I have taken.  It doesn’t hurt that this is my favorite game to play one on one with Jenni when we have 20-30 minutes.

#2 Thunder Alley/2014  Being a huge NASCAR fan, this game is perfect for me. It has both amazing components and a very solid game play.  Sure, some things are not necessarily accurate but being able to strategize and have your cars move based on card play and keeping your cars together in a pack that benefits you the most makes this game stand out compared to all other car racing games. <Review>

#1- 7 Wonders/2010  There are so many things that I like about this game.  From the theme to the ever changing different strategies and to the card drafting mechanic.  Even though it is ranked as my number one game, it is one that I haven’t won at very many times.  Part of that may be that I try all kinds of different strategies and many times they change on the fly.  I haven’t played the two-player version and not sure I would want to.  I have only played up to four players but really want to play it with even more players.

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