About us

We are a family of four that lives in small town in eastern Iowa. Spending quality time with our family is very important to us.  What better way to do that than to sit down as a family and play quality board games.  It keeps the entire family engaged and forces some deep thinking for the kids.

These board game reviews will be done with the perspective of encouraging and nurturing that precious family time.

Dad grew up playing many board games through his teen years.  His favorites at that time were Speed Circuit, Superstar Baseball, Bowl Bound, Car Wars, and B-17 Queen of the Skies. I introduced full racing seasons into Speed Circuit and kept point standings.  Bowl Bound had 100s of games played where I would send teams to bowl games.  There was no team from Iowa, so Dartmouth became Iowa and it was a very good selection!  Superstar Baseball rekindled my love for board games.  I purchased an unopened copy of the game. I then found many add-on players that we printed off, drafted teams, and are playing through a season right now.  Christmas 2016 saw the entire family jump head first into the board game world as many games showed up under the Christmas tree and as a family, we have been hooked since then.

I have also gotten into board game design and a game I created was presented to Ravenserburnger in 2020 and further information was provided to them at their request.

Mom is along for the ride and has previously enjoyed playing the "normal" games.  This is her first adventure into the world of table top board gaming.

Coby is 18 and attending Engineering school at the University of Iowa and is really into video games.  Spending time on board games was a natural move and has been able to decide based on the game and rules what should be happening at certain points in the game.

Cade is 15 and is really into these games.  He has designed multiple games himself, which have been fun to play.  Future board game designer?  Perhaps.  He plays many of the games very strategically in a way that I would haven't thought about.  He is already scanning the Internet and looking for the games that he wants to try. At times, he can be over competitive with these games which he gets from his Dad.

We can't thank the following game publishers enough that allow us to provide these reviews to you.  Please support them!